Excel-tips and tricks

One click to select all : We already know how to select all by using the shortcut Ctrl + A, but few know that with only one click of the corner button, all the content in excel is selected in seconds.

One click to get more status : Do you know you can move the pointer to the bottom tab and right click to get more status? As shown below.

Use of Ctrl + arrow button : When you click Ctrl arrow button on the keyboard, you can jump to the edge of the sheet in different directions.

Hide data thoroughly : The way to hide data thoroughly is by using the Format Cells function. How?Choose the area and go to Home->Font->Open Format Cells->Number Tab->Custom->Type ;;; -> Click OK, then all the values in the area will be invisible, and can only be found in the preview area next to the Function button.

Transforming the text :We can transform text like UPPER, LOWER and PROPER which can be used for different purposes. UPPER is used to  capitalize all characters, LOWER is used to  change text to all lower case and PROPER is used to capitalize the first character of a word.

Input values starting from zero : When an input value starts with zero, by default excel deletes the zero. To input values starts from zero, then add a single quote mark ahead of the first zero.

Speed up Inputting Complicated Terms with Auto Correct : If you want to repeat the same value, the best way is to use the Auto Correct function, which will replace your text with the correct text. But How? Go to File->Options->Proofing->Auto Correct Options and input replace text with correct text in the red rectangular area.

Rename the sheet using Double Click : There are multiple ways to rename sheets, and most users will right click to choose Rename, which wastes a lot of time. The best way is click twice, then you can rename it directly.

Transpose Data from Row to Column : If you want to transpose data then this feature is very useful. Here’s how: copy the area you want to transpose, move the pointer to another blank location. Go to Home->Paste->Transpose, please note that this function won’t activate until you copy the data first.

Open Excel files in bulk : Rather than open files one by one when you have multiple files , there is another way to open them all with one click. Select the files you would like to open and then press the Enter key on the keyboard, all files will open simultaneously.

Create a new shortcut menu : Basically, there are three shortcuts in the top menu, which are Save, Undo Typing and Repeat Typing. If you want to use more shortcuts, you can set them up as follows: File->Options->Quick Access Toolbar, add Cut and Copy from the left column to the right, save it. You will see two more shortcuts added in the top menu. You can also delete shortcuts from the Top Menu.

Delete Blank Cells : Some default data will be blank, for various reasons. If you want to delete to maintain accuracy, its the speedy way is to filter out all blank cells and delete them with one click. Choose the column you want to filter, go to Data->Filter, after the downward button shows, undo Select All and then pick up the last option, Blanks. All blank cells will show immediately. Go back to Home and click Delete directly, all of them will be removed.

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