Murder Mystery

A couple went on for a climbing trip. But only the husband returned from the vacation and said that his wife slipped off while climbing and died. On investigating, the local sheriff arrested him saying, ‘Your travel agent called. You murdered your wife.’ The man did not inform anyone about the trip. Then how did the agent was so sure that it is a murder?

Answer : The man bought only one way ticket for his wife whereas he bought two way ticket for himself. It means that he was sure that he will be returning alone.
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Something Extraordinary happened on May 6Th 1978 at 12:34am what was that?

Answer : At that moment, the time, and day could be written as ’12:34 5/6/78′.
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Adam killed his wife in front of so many people. Yet, no one has the power to accuse him of the murder and send him to prison for his crime. How is this possible?

Answer : Adam is a hangman or executioner by profession. Apparently, his wife has been sentenced to death and he had to do it with his own hands.
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A man is found dead. When the investigation is done, he is found dead with a knife in his back. A chair sits beside him and the forensic team finds moisture around the body. If he committed suicide, how did he do it?

Answer : The man used an ice knife. The ice was capable of holding the knife pointing upwards and he dropped down on the chair with his back towards the knife. The moisture indicates the melting of ice.
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One evening there was a murder in the home of married couple, their son and daughter. One of these four people murdered one of the others. One of the members of the family witnessed the crime.
The other one helped the murderer.
These are the things we know for sure:
1. The witness and the one who helped the murderer were not of the same sex.
2. The oldest person and the witness were not of the same sex.
3. The youngest person and the victim were not of the same sex.
4. The one who helped the murderer was older than the victim.
5. The father was the oldest member of the family.
6. The murderer was not the youngest member of the family.
Who was the murderer?

Answer : mother
We know from (3) that the youngest person was not the victim, from (4) that the youngest person was not the helper and from (6) that the youngest person was not the killer. The youngest person can only have been the witness therefore. If we make up a chart there are now three possible combinations:
Oldest person (father) H H M
Next to oldest (mother) V M H
Next to youngest (son) M V V
Youngest (daughter) W W W
(H = Helper ; V = Victim ; M = Murderer ; W = Witness)
We can work out from (5) that the father was the oldest, from (2) that the youngest person must have been the daughter. Therefore the next to the youngest must have been the son and the next to the oldest, the mother.
Of three possibilities: the first is impossible (from (3) – the youngest person and the victim were of different sexes); the third is also impossible (from (1) the witness and the helper were of different sexes). Therefore only the second possibility holds – and the mother was the murderess.
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A man was going to bleach his socks because they had gotten muddy the day before. As he was pouring the bleach into the washing machine, he spilled some on the floor. He got some cleaning fluid and mopped it up with a rag. Minutes later he was dead. What killed him?

Answer : When you mix bleach and ammonia [found in most cleaning products] it creates a deadly gas that can kill.
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A man is found murdered on Sunday Morning. His wife calls the police, who questions the wife and the staff, and are given the following alibis
The Wife says she was sleeping,
The Butler Was cleaning the Closet,
The Gardener was Picking vegetables,
The Maid was getting the mail, and
The cook was preparing Breakfast.
Immediately police arrested the murderer.
Who did it and how did the police know?

Answer : The Maid as there is no mails on Sunday.
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You need to be a detective and need to find the thief in the puzzle below?

Answer : The Lady sitting in the chair has the detector attached to the back of her blouse.
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By seeing the image below, you need to figure out if it’s a Murder or Suicide?

Answer : I have three theory based on which it can be either Murder, Suicide or Accident.

Case1 : Its a Murder
Reason 1 : If it’s a suicide then person must have waited for the Cigarette to end.
Reason2 : Blood is spattered on the right side and the pistol is also on the right side. which seems pistol is planted at the end.

Case2 : It’s a Suicide
Reason 1. The lamp was switched off and glasses were removed which indicates she done writing(probably suicide note). The murderer does not care about switching off glasses or removing glasses.
Reason2: The blood was just on the wall at the height of a person. If it’s a murder the blood must have been scattering around.
Reason3: Burning cigarette and alcohol indicated depression level which often is the reason for suicide.

Case3 : It’s a Accident
It’s must be an accident. The girl was writing using the pen and suddenly she heard a sound. She must have a gun for safety which she takes out of the security. As a preventive measure, she switched off the light so that she can’t be seen in the dark. Also removed the glasses as they are of no use in the dark. After a while, she realized that it’s just a sound. So to calm her down she drinks and also lights a cigarette. suddenly she slipped and try to hold stool but failed and forced her head into the wall and died.

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A man came back to his home after being away from her wife for a year. He surprised her by his visit and kissed her as she stood shocked. After that, he took this picture of hers to mark a memory. After a few days, the man killed his wife. When the police arrived and asked for the reason, he told them that his wife was cheating on him. He gave this photograph as the proof. What do you think he found in this picture that made him believe that his wife was cheating on him? Can you find out?

Answer : In this picture, he saw another man. If you try to look near the right end of the picture, you will find a fan. Go down for the phone that is plugged on charge. Go further down and you will find a man’s face. An eye is particularly visible. The man was hiding behind the bed when the husband arrived in her room. This made him believe that his wife was cheating on him.
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A man got killed in his office. The suspects are Edison, Maxis, Jason, Janna, Sofia, Patrick. A calendar near the man has blood, written 6, 4, 9, 10, 11. Who is the killer?

Answer : Jason is the killer. The numbers represent the starting letter of the month they stand for in a calendar: 6 – June (J) 4 – April (A) 9 – September (S) 10 – October (O) 11 – November (N)
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