Murder Mystery

A rich and handsome man named James Leonard was murdered on a Sunday afternoon. At the time of the murder there was: the maid, the cook, the butler, the gardener and the wife. They gave the following statements.
Maid: I was fixing the table.
Cook: I was cooking breakfast.
Butler: I was polishing the silverware and the dishes.
Gardener: I was planting tomato seeds.
Wife: I was reading a book.
Who did it?

Answer : The cook did it. You don’t cook breakfast in the afternoon.
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Mr.Smith sees a very rare bird named “Ruppell’s vulture”. Soon Mr. Smith was dead.
Can you explain?

Answer : Ruppell’s vulture generally found on high altitude and Mr. smith was on the plane. The vulture hit the plane and the plane got crashed.
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Melissa, Jessica, Sandy and Nicole were working on the computer. Suddenly, I heard a crash and then lots of shouts. I rushed in to find out what was going on, finding the computer monitor on the ground, surrounded with broken glass! Sandy and Jessica spoke almost at the same time:
Jessica said, “It wasn’t me!”
Sandy said, “It was Nicole!”
Melissa said, “No, it was Sandy!”
Nicole said, “Sandy’s a liar.”
Only one of them was telling the truth, so who broke the monitor?

Answer : Jessica broke the monitor. Nicole was telling the truth.
Only one of them was telling the truth, that means that the other three were lying.
If Sandy did it, both Jessica and Melissa will be telling the truth.
If Melissa did it, both Jessica and Nicole will be telling the truth.
If Nicole did it, both Jessica and Sandy will be telling the truth.
If Jessica did it, only Nicole will be telling the truth.
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One murder happened in a village. A police officer instructed two police constables to go to the crime scene, investigate and prepare an preliminary incident report.
It was already past midnight and the crime scene was far away from the police station. The two constables decided not to travel to the crime scene and came up with a fake incident report instead. Below is the report.
When we reached the spot, the door was open and one man aged between 40-45 was found dead lying on the floor. The light and fan were switched on. There were some items found on a table:
– One open bottle of poison,
– One half filled drinking water bottle,
– One fountain pen,
– One newspaper was flipped open, pages 9 and 10 facing each other,
– One table top calendar showing June 20,
– One notebook.
The person committed suicide by drinking the poison.
After reading the incident report, the police officer immediately knew that it was fake. How did he know?

Answer : The page numbers of newspapers, when flipped open, are always even-odd, e.g.2-3, 4-5, etc.
So the police report cannot be true, as the pages 9 and 10 of the newspaper cannot be facing each other. Page 10 of the newspaper will be at the back of page 9.
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Vasco Radar rushed toward the nearby police station. He was shot in the stomach and there was blood all over his clothes. He told the police officer that he was walking with his friend toward his home and suddenly a man shot him from the back and then shot his friend “Jacob Litter” on his head. He then runs as fast as he could to save his life. The police officer arrested him for his friend’s murder. Why?

Answer : The police officer knows the story was not true since Vasco was shot from back and he was injured only in the stomach.
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An office computer network was hacked by one of 1000 employees of the office. Detective Alex Parrish has narrow down five employees, as the possible culprit. Each of them gave Alex Parrish three statement and out of which two are true and one is false.
1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I have never hacked anything in my life.
3. Ellington did it.
1. I have not hacked the system.
2. Network attack was done from the office.
3. I hate Shelly
1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I have never seen Shelley in my entire life.
3. I know, Ellington did it.
1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I know, Shelley did it.
3. Hopkins was lying when he said he did it.
1. I have not hacked the system.
2. I know, McLaughlin did it.
3. I used to be friend with Braddy.
Alex Parris instantly knows who hacked the network, Do you?

Answer : McLaughlin
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